The objective of the UNITECH Alumni Association is for all UNITECH Alumni to identify with and participate actively in the network.

Our strategy to achieve this objective is to creating value to the members in the following focus areas:

  • Content: The UAA shall provide content by engaging resources from inside and outside the network
  • Career: The UAA shall act as a match-maker between its members and career opportunities
  • Friendship: Assist our members in maintaining old friendship & creating new bonds across UNITECH generations
  • Spirit: Maintaining the feeling of being part of something unique and exclusive, a network with a spirit of open, honest and inspiring discussions

This strategy was developed by a Strategy Task Force (STF) in 2009, 10 years after the first student joined the UNITECH program. Over the prior 10 years, the association had evolved from a small group of students into a real community, including people of different ages, cultures, backgrounds and, especially, with different experiences, interests and developed skills. The Strategy Task Force explored what the different stakeholder groups perceived as "valuable" and how the UAA could provide value through events and services. Interviews were conducted with all stakeholders of the network, including not only UAA members, but also UNITECH students, Corporate and Academic Partners and the UNITECH International Office.

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