UAA Council

  • Enric Vinyes

    UNITECH 2003, UPC Barcelona

    "I've always had UNITECH in my heart and when I realised that there was a vacancy for Presidency I did not doubt to run for it. I have always been quite active in the UAA after I finished the programme. My last position in the UAA Council was VP in year 2008, more than 7 years ago from now. I am fully convinced that my overall experience will globally help the network in its special focus with more senior generations. I believe that the UAA has to make the most of the full professional network by organising events according a wide range of different interests and needs. Our local setup is crucial to keep the network alive and as a Council we have to actively support it and ensure that the right people are leading initiatives to make sure things are done properly."

  • Daniele Simone

    UNITECH 2013, Politecnico di Milano

    "Through the Unitech journey I had the opportunity to meet inspiring people from whom I could learn and build exceptional skills and with whom I can constantly push myself beyond the limits of my comfort zone.

    As a Unitech graduate and Alumnus, I am excited and motivated to continue my Unitech and UAA council journey with the position of Vice President of the association.

    I would like to keep invigorating and boosting our sustainable network, strengthening the interaction vertically among new graduates and experienced alumni, and horizontally among the UAA and CPs/APs.

    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

  • Mireia Hernández Navarro

    UNITECH 2013, UPC Barcelona

    "If I was asked what has UNITECH given me.. Unrivaled experiences, boost of confidence and constant desire for self-improvement, intercultural and intergenerational sharings but the most important of all; amazing friends.

    Right after finishing my UNITECH year in 2014, I decided to join the LCC team in Barcelona. I was unaware of the potential of the large Alumni body that was behind it, and how important it was to preserve connections after the UNITECH experience. It was then when I took on the initiative of starting a campaign to re-ignite interest in the network in an effort to promote intergenerational participation in order to bring the Almuni body closer together.

    After discovering many interesting facts of many Alumni in a regional level, I realized that this could happen too in a broader framework. I then understood how vital it was to provide visibility amongst the stakeholders, and the different tools we had access to that could help close the loop between Senior Alumni and the active part of the network (Students, AP, CP). Feeling like taking a step forward to transfer these initiatives to the whole UNITECH Community, I could see myself as Communication Officer for the UAA Council. I decided to take on the challenge and run for it, and at the same lengthen my UNITECH experience."

  • Rüdiger Birkner

    UNITECH 2013, ETH Zürich

    "In 2013, my UNITECH journey started with an unforgettable week in Milan. Since then, I had many challenging, valuable experiences, and got to meet great people: other UNITECH students and corporate partners. As I was about to graduate this summer, I realized that I did not want this journey to end that soon. The UAA provides many opportunities to all its members to stay engaged and keep the UNITECH spirit up even after the graduation. All of this is only possible thanks to the time and devotion of its members. Therefore, I decided to run for the position of financial officer to contribute my part to the network: As a financial officer, I make sure that the UAA can always rely on stable funds to operate and grow. I look forward to work together with the other council members in the coming year."

  • Andrea Loi

    UNITECH 2014, Politecnico di Milano

    "My UNITECH journey began in 2014 and I’m happy to say it hasn’t finished yet. During my exchange at ETH, my Internships in Germany and Austria and the whole UNITECH year, not only I had the great chance of developing but also I got in touch with some of the brightest and inspiring people I have ever met."

    It’s the UNITECH people that motivated me to not let the UNITECH Journey finish: this is why I decided to engage first as Local Chapter Coordinator in Milano and now as Local Unitech Chapter Coordination Officer (LUCCO). As LUCCO I work together with Local UNITECH Chapters as well as Regional Groups all around the world.

    By supporting and catalyzing the communication among UNITECH alumni, I want to strengthen the bonds within the network and make interactions as easy as possible to keep the UNITECH spirit alive!"

  • Raphael Kiesel

    UNITECH 2013, RWTH Aachen

    "My UNITECH experience started in 2013 with an amazing start-up week in Milan. From the first minute on, I felt this special spirit which characterizes UNITECH. During the joint modules, my studies at INSA Lyon and my internship in Suzhou (China) I learned so many important and valuable things about myself and especially got to know lots of exceptional and aspiring people. Especially the people of this network motivated me to stay involved in it, first as LCC in Aachen, then LUCCO and now as International Sessions Officer (ISO). As ISO, I will organize the symposium in Barcelona in 2018. Besides that, I want the 15 th anniversary of UAA to be an unforgettable year.

    By supporting and catalyzing the communication among UNITECH alumni, I want to strengthen the bonds within the network and make networking as easy as possible to keep the UNITECH spirit alive!"

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