UAA Council

  • Angela Go

    UNITECH 2006, Delft University of Technology

    During my Unitech years, I met some of the most talented, bright and kind people in my network whom I still keep in touch with, cherish and call my dear friends. Even after 13 years since I finished the program. To me, Unitech is a big global family, where you are embraced for your unique talents, background and culture, and where you are challenged to bring out the best version of you. They say that your network is your net worth (not just financially, but in all senses of the word) and I cannot agree more.

    After organising the GA in 2013 as an AP and later contributing as a speaker at various Symposiums in the past years, I'm delighted that I can now give back to our community in the role of UAA President. Our vision is to connect and provide value to alumni from all generations, so we truly engineer a network of professional possibilities. Let's get it on and bring it to the next level!"

  • Andrea Loi

    UNITECH 2014, Politecnico di Milano

    "My UNITECH journey began in 2014 and I’m happy to say it hasn’t finished yet. During my exchange at ETH, my Internships in Germany and Austria and the whole UNITECH year, not only I had the great chance to develop personally but above all I got in touch with some of the brightest and inspiring people I have ever met.

    It’s the UNITECH people that motivated me to not let the UNITECH Journey finish: this is why I decided to engage first as Local Chapter Coordinator in Milano and since 2017 as part of the UAA Council.

    Being the Vice President of an Alumni Network of 1000+ people is a great honor and I will do what I can to keep up the UNITECH spirit! As the Vice President I work closely with the president and the other members of the Council to support initiatives both at Global and Local Level, enriching our powerful network.

    By supporting and catalyzing the communication among UNITECH alumni, I want to strengthen the bonds within the network and make interactions as easy as possible to keep the UNITECH spirit alive!"

  • Silvia Gelonch

    UNITECH 2017, TU Delft

    "My UNITECH experience started in 2017 in Lyon, and has been full of experiences. As the Media Representative of our year, I was able to bring to reality projects which I believed that made UNITECH stronger. The case with Buhler in Milano and the internship with Hilti in Liechtenstein allowed me to grow personal and professionally, as well as the interaction with the other participants and the whole UNITECH network. UNITECH has brought many valuable experiences to me, and taking on the Communication Officer of the UAA is a way to give back.

    Making the UAA stronger, enabling meaningful interactions across our diverse network, in a constantly evolving world, is a challenge that I am excited to take on. I look forward to work with the rest of the UAA council and the Local & Regional chapter Coordinators to keep the UAA members engaged!"
  • Len van Moorsel

    UNITECH 2013, Delft University of Technology

    "As a UNITECH student I have been able to meet very talented people, gain international experience and create unforgettable memories. UNITECH has broadened my world, played a key role in creating unique learning opportunities and paved the way for my job at a corporate partner. The UAA enables members to stay engaged and keep the UNITECH mindset, even after finalizing the programme. This is only possible due to dedication of time and effort. Therefore, I decided to run for the position of financial officer, to actively contribute to sustaining and growing the network. As a financial officer, I want to enable members of the UAA to organise meetings and events, locally and globally, to increase the value that we get out of the UNITECH network. I look forward to working with you! "

  • Jay O’Nien

    UNITECH 2016, Loughborough University


  • Mireia Graells Vilella

    UNITECH 2019, UPC Barcelona

    "I had the opportunity of living the amazing UNITECH experience during 2019 - 2020. After completing the exchange semester in Chalmers University, Sweden and my internship in ABB, Switzerland, I was determined to give back to UNITECH everything that it had given me.
    Both experiences were completely challenging, intense, and clearly defining for me.

    I decided the best way to give back to UNITECH was by joining the UAA Council, and I plan to make this year full of unique experiences, with special events, webinars, and organizing disrupting symposiums.

    UNITECH can thrive, let’s grow our network!"

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