Honorary Alumni

According to our constitution, UAA members may elect Honorary Alumni if they meet to following criteria:

Present and former academic or corporate representatives and benefactors whom the Association wishes to recognise for their great contribution made to the development and growth of the UNITECH International Society and the UNITECH Alumni Association.

Following, the list of Honorary Alumni.

Elected in

  • Nils Rickert

    Partner, Enziam Communications AG, Zurich

    "I was part of the project team that prepared the founding of the UNITECH International Society and its first Executive Director between 2000 and 2002.

    Today I am partner at Enziam Communications"


    David Ward

    Secretary General UNITECH International Society

    "Consultant, coach and trainer specializing in leadership and teamwork development"

  • Brian Holloway

    Former Academic Relations Manager, IBM UK Laboratories

    "I am one of the founder members of UNITECH. I have served for several years on the UNITECH Management Council representing the Corporate Partner IBM and UK University, Imperial College"


    Peter Idenburg

    Partner at ABC, Association of Business Coaches-coaching in leadership

  • Annemarie Rima

    Managing Director Maastricht Graduate School of Governance

    "When working as Head of the International Office at Delft University of Technology I had the honour of cooperating within the UNITECH Program, a great and unique programme. I also had the pleasure of chairing the local coordinators meetings"


    Bengt Olof Hansson

    Vice President at SKF


    Andrea Cuomo

    Executive Vice President and General Manager, Sales Marketing, Europe, Middle East and Africa STMicroelectronics

  • Egbert Appel

    Trustee at Hilti Foundation


    Konrad Osterwalder

    Rector of the United Nations University (UNU)


    Giovanni Azzone

    Prorector of Politecnico di Milano

  • Carel Steensma

    The Zurich Way Network Community Manager Zurich Financial Services

    "My best job so far (and probably of my working life) I had between 2002 and 2007 as Secretary General / Executive Director of UNITECH International!

    What an honour, privilege and FUN it was to be involved with the UNITECH on a daily basis. Working with Companies, Universities, coaches and more and more also with Alumni to further develop and grow UNITECH!

    I encourage all Alumni to do their best to keep in contact with the UNITECH network, to support it by making contacts with potential Corporate Partners and, above all, to never forget the experience you had!"

  • Jenny Julin

    HR Services, SKF Group

  • Sybille Tebaldi

    Intercultural trainer & coach Integration Commissioner for the Dietikon district (Zurich)

    "Every year when we selected the new UNITECH students I had the feeling to integrate great personalities into the programme. The UNITECH Alumni Association of today shows me that I was right"


    Alexandra Schwarz

    Head of Communications BU Coatings & Additives at Evonik Degussa


    Ulf Plöcker

    Former Head of Process Technology & Engineering, Evonik

  • Roland Seneor

    Director of SAPHIR and Director de Recherche Emerite CNRS/Ecole Polytechnique

    "I am in charge of the high speed computer network (SAPHIR) of one of the largest educational clusters of France which is located on the plateau de Saclay."

  • Ernst Schmachtenberg

    Director RWTH Aachen, Former President UNITECH International

    Gerhard Warnick

    Former Treasurer UNITECH International

    Emma Zeisberger

    Former Programme Manager UNITECH International

  • Samuel Burri

    Former President UNITECH Alumni Association

    "I’m very thankful to Unitech for enriching my life with new friendships, interesting perspectives, challenges, and experiences. First the participation in the program and later the involvement in the alumni organisation gave not only my career but also my personal development a great boost."


    Stefan Nöken

  • Oliver Prinz

  • Stefano Ronchi

    Professor of Purchasing & Supply Management, Politecnico di Milano

    "I have served in UNITECH for eight years, and I have always been surprised by the special energy and spirit you can feel inside the network"

  • Karin Markides

    Former President and CEO of Chalmers University & Former President of UNITECH International Society

    "Tomorrow’s leaders in private, public or academic positions need systemic skills and an agile drive where crossing boarders are seen as opportunities and not threats. This is Unitech alumni for me, and I am proud and honored to now be part of this enabling network"

  • Daniel K Berndt

    Employer Branding at Evonik Industries

    "UNITECH to me is much more than just a network of students, companies and universities. It is a blueprint of a European cooperation under the motto "Together, we’re more than the sum of our parts"

  • Achim Latz

    1st UAA President

    "The UNITECH International Programme has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire career. In fact, to this day it still plays a big role in my personal and professional life. The lessons I learnt on group interaction, adapting to change and working with international & diverse teams have shaped my personality in a profound way. The collaboration between students, alumni, corporate and academic partners is simply amazing and highly enriching. I am thankful for the opportunity to make my small contribution towards an even better programme by having founded the UNITECH Alumni Association together with my fellow council members"

  • Ian Roberts

    CTO of Bühler Group

    "UNITECH provides the platform for young talented engineers to go through a rock solid technical education combined with an extraordinary international experience, with partner universities, leading technology companies, leadership and personal development programmes and opportunities to use their skills to tackle global issues with focus on the SDGs. In short UNITECH aims to create the next generation of climate responsible technology leaders who will guide industry in the future.

    Every contact, every engagement I have with UNITECH and the amazing talent base involved makes me more optimistic about the future. Dear students, dear alumni, we ask so much of you in terms of responsible leadership and the challenges you face in terms of climate change are huge, but I believe that UNITECH provides you with the best possible preparation to accept that responsibility."
  • Thomas Gries

    Prof. at RWTH Aachen University

    "Developing the next generation technology leaders by working on trail-blazing research on the big challenges of digitalization and bio-economy".

    Thomas Gries

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