UNITECH International Promotional Video

31 Oct 2019 in The Network, The Programme by

UNITECH International Promotional Video

They are accessible on the UNITECH Website in the Resource section (link)

The two videos have been produced in response to specific needs expressed:

·       The call from Corporate Partners  (CPs) for a resource for

o   Promoting the benefits of UNITECH membership more widely within existing CPs

o   Demonstrating the potential of UNITECH membership to prospective CPs

·       The call from Academic Partners (APs) for a resource for

o   Promoting the spirit of UNITECH to potential Programme participants

o   Demonstrating UNITECH to university departments to broaden the engagement of UNITECH within APs.

The videos come from different sources. The CP-facing video (UNITECH for CPs) was made by a hired professional team, managed by some alumni, Lauren Teague and Jessica Jones - many thanks to them for their volunting! The video was supervised by David Kinsella from Buhler and by the UNITECH Office. The Student-facing video was made by Luca Maiani, an ETH Mediamatics apprentice as his project during his apprenticeship rotation in the UNITECH Office, and we thank him for his fine contribution to UNITECH. The UNITECH Office supervised this video.

Both videos show, from different perspectives, the unique quality and spirit of UNITECH Programme participants and Alumni, and capture some of the spirit of UNITECH.

We trust you will enjoy and we encourage you to use them widely"


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