Carbon Footprint Challenge recognized with HR Excellence Award 2019

12 Dec 2019 in The Network, Corporate Partners, The Programme by David Ward

Carbon Footprint Challenge recognized with HR Excellence Award 2019
  • Open innovation challenge for students and young professionals with a passion for the planet  awarded with HR Excellence Award in Category University Relations

  • Shorlisted for European PR+ Communication Award 2019 in Sustainability

  • 3,460 Participants coming from 56 countries, 4 Enabling Partners and 1 Unitech network thankful for these recognition

  • Global Challenge to restart in 2020 again

Within the UNITECH International Society the idea was born to start an open Innovation challenge on a global level. Bühler Group initiated the challenge and was joined by strong enabling partners Covestro, Evonik, and Oracle. Over 6 months a project team of 50+ people worked passionately to bring one question to life: Do you have passion for the planet? 3,450 participants from 56 countries joined this challenge with their ideas and have made it a great success.

A good idea can be the starting point of great change. But ideas without action won´t create that change. The challenge invites students and young professionals the world over to anopen innovation platform where ideas can grow and be developed. Enabling not only the idea originators to participate, but also anyone with a passion for change . David Ward, Secretary General of Unitech International describes his experience from the Carbon Footprint Challenge. "Again and again, the Carbon Footprint Challenge brings a broad diversity of people, ideas and energies together to address the key issues of our times." The winner of the 2019 final in Zurich was Team BACOAT from Indonesia with their natural product that helps preserve fruits and other foodstuffs, preventing spoilage and reducing waste.

 Now entering the 2020 edition of the challenge, Enabling Partners Bühler, Evonik, and Covestro describe what the new participants of the challenge can expect. "Participation in the Carbon Footprint Challenge provides a high-pressure yet supportive environment,, in which to explore your ideas, your personal capabilities, and your ability to bring about impactful change." Let us know directly if you´d like to support talented people around the globe in their #passionfortheplanet in 2020.


About HR Excellence:

Best achievements in HR deserve an award. The HR Excellence Awards distinguish innovative lighthouse projects in personnel management. We are looking for your creative ideas, which bring a fresh wind into the personnel work 

About CFC2019:

The Carbon Footprint challenge is an initiative with its roots in UNITECH International. In the multi stakeholder environment created by the UNITECH network, the Carbon Footprint Challenge initiative was born in order to use the platform to take action in a topic of such high importance, climate change.  


About UNITECH International: 

The UNITECH International Society was founded in 2000 for the academic and corporate worlds to jointly develop a group of talented young engineers to enable them to successfully manage future challenges in global industry and to help bridge the gap between the corporate and academic world. UNITECH also provides a platform for networking and exchange of ideas. 

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