A great Start Up Week 2011

10 Nov 2011 in The Programme by Xavi Moix Vallribera

A great Start Up Week 2011

Since all of us got involved in the UNITECH program about a year ago we have been through a lot of the situations and experiences that make the UNITECH program unique. The Start-Up Week in Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg was no exception.

During one week we worked alongside students from all over Europe being coached by professionals from the Corporate Partners. We received training on interesting fields such as teamwork, how to establish a solid basis of truth, how to play roles within a team, how to manage interaction, the importance of empathy, how to stand out in our core relational skills, how to enhance presentation skills and the main tips and tricks to manage and improve soft skills. Those topics can only be learned after linking theory and practice when applying them in real life experiences. Literature would never be able to teach that to us. With constant guidance and feedback from our coaches we all made significant improvements within these areas during the Start-Up Week.

Moreover, by the end of the week, we were involved into two new challenging events for us: the Stakeholders Fair, and the Ideas Fair. In those events we were able to establish a first connection with the Corporate Partners, exchanging opinions and impressions, and applying the theories learned during the week. All this, combined with a great amount of fun and the opportunity to build new relationships, were key points in making the Start-Up week successful.

A highly competitive selection process in the beginning, an international internship at the end, an exchange within a European top university in between, and constant feedback from professional coaches during the three meeting events. All these unique experiences are going to make us grow, not only as the young engineers that we already are, but also as the professionals that we will become.

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