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The demands towards today's graduates and future employees have changed considerably in the last few years. Besides in-depth specialized subject knowledge, they have to demonstrate management-, social-, communication- and foreign language skills coupled with a high level of flexibility. UNITECH International Society was founded to help students meet these demands.

UNITECH International Society is a non-profit organization based in Zurich, Switzerland. Together with leading European universities and multinational companies, UNITECH’s goal is to prepare top engineering students for their professional future. Leading corporations and some of Europe’s best universities join forces, across borders and cultures, to prepare technical students for tomorrow‘s business challenges. The core of the UNITECH program is a three tier model unique in Europe. Students spend at least one semester at a university abroad, continuing their studies in a foreign language area while also taking management oriented courses. An internship with insight into corporate management practices is the second step to acquiring specific business know-how, social competencies and the capacity for multicultural awareness. Students also come together three times during the year for the unique and specially designed UNITECH Joint Modules, where they attend lectures, solve case studies, manage business games and above all, receive professional coaching from both independent coaches as well as representatives from our Corporate Partners.

Participation in the UNITECH program does not necessarily mean an extension of a student's studies. The academic exchange can be planned to coincide with the student's regular study plan.

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