The UNITECH Network @ Vodafone Italy to discuss the potentials of Big Data

13 Dec 2016 in The Network, Alumni by Mireia Hernández Navarro

The UNITECH Network @ Vodafone Italy to discuss the potentials of Big Data

“Power to Data. Power to Unitech!”

On Friday October 14th, thanks to an organisational work that spanned across a whole year, the Local Chapter Italy organised the content driven event in collaboration with Vodafone Italy under the title: “Know your customer: the potentials of Big Data”.

By developing this new format of event, which we hope to replicate in the upcoming years, the UNITECH Alumni Association aims at showing its embedded value to all stakeholders; giving students both a perspective on a new hot topic as well as showing how this topic is developed in different organizational contexts (beyond providing a great networking opportunity, of course).

The event was designed as an interactive seminar with two main speakers, both showing different organizational perspectives on the topic of Big Data:

Riccardo Lorenzon: UNITECH Alumnus 2012, a Math Engineer from Politecnico di Milano and currently involved in Big Data topics as a consultant.
Francesco Calabrese: Big Data Lead in Vodafone Italy, engineer himself, that represented both Vodafone Italy and Vodafone’s central organisation (Vodafone Group) involved in displaying the Big Data trends within a Telco Multinational operator.

Riccardo Lorenzon started the presentation with an introduction to the concept of Big Data, specifying how firms have access to massive volumes of data, the so called “Data Lake”. The necessity to deal with the increasing complexity of data has required the establishment of a new figure nowadays in most firms: the Data Scientist. This new figure accordingly with Lorenzon’s experience, is able to combine exceptional modeling and programming skills with a business forma mentis. Lorenzon then briefly illustrated some methods and techniques used to extract valuable information from raw data. Moreover, Lorenzon gave to the audience a flavour of the life as a consultant in the world of Big Data, providing a real example of a project in the field of e-commerce. “Data is not power. Power is information from data!” he concluded enthusiastically.

On the other hand, Francesco Calabrese focused his presentation on real case studies from the telecommunication field. Calabrese presented how, by analyzing telco patterns, it is possible to predict customers’ behavior and improve the quality of services. Significative was the example of the improvement of the public transport system in a developing country achieved only by recording the trends of people displacements. Furthermore, Calabrese pointed out how the usage of data from telecommunication can also contribute to enhance security of capital cities like Rome.

Overall, discussions went on and on for almost two hours with a Q&A concluding session, during which the audience could challenge the speakers with brilliant questions and comments in relating topics.

The event proceeded then with an aperitif where students, alumni and Vodafone’s representatives got together in a typical UNITECH charming networking atmosphere. “We are really enthusiastic about the success of this event!” commented Giulia Torre - ‎Recruiting & Employer Branding Expert at Vodafone- during the aperitif who greatly appreciated the double perspective on the topic and the discussion that followed with students and alumni.

The event was prolonged even beyond the conventional limit of a content driven event, and students and some alumni enjoyed the nightlife in Milan. An event which gave much more than just Big Data insights.

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