Thanks and good bye, David

12 Sep 2020 in The Network by UNITECH Office

Thanks and good bye, David

 David is a confessed UNITECH-aholic: He lived thinking in and for UNITECH, He started this road being Corporate Partner main representative back in 1999,  he became coach in 2000, and he has been UNITECH Secretary General since 2011. 

 The philosophy of “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” has accompanied his way of doing all along, and his motto “Stay curious, keep learning and enjoy life” is a resemblance of his job.

David is leaving UNITECH some decades after he first joined, coinciding as well with the UNITECH Programme moving towards its third decade, and he wanted to remark the differences in the work world from then until now: 

 The leadership has shifted from an herarquial, command style towards a much flatter, coaching method.

 Teamwork has moved from a masculine competitiveness among teams towards a more feminine, collegial, collaborative and supporting way of running teams.

 But maybe the biggest change was in communication, which now became immediate with the new technologies:  It gives us the responsibility of being prepared for quick and strong responses.

 It is in this change that UNITECH is supporting the world. You are the people that make these things happen.

  He wanted to close his speech with these thoughts, and to thank lots of people that has joined him all along the way,

 Today, the UNITECH Community wants to thank him once more and to wish him good luck in this new phase of life.

  We are the people that make things happen, But it cannot happen without people like you,

 Thank you, and Goodbye, David.

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