Nokia joins UNITECH as new Corporate Partner

13 Apr 2016 in The Network, Corporate Partners by

Nokia joins UNITECH as new Corporate Partner

Nokia is a global leader in the technologies that connect people and things.

UNITECH welcomes Nokia as its newest Corporate Partner. Nokia is the leader in the telecommunications equipment industry and primarily makes equipment used in radio and television broadcasting and in satellite communications.

On joining UNITECH, Karl Kirschenhofer - Global Operations, Networks - wrote:

“Attracting talent in a VUCA world!
Our objective is to be leader in the high-tech telecommunications industry. This requires cutting edge research, innovative ideas and the organizational discipline to turn those innovative ideas into a profitable business model.

We are confident that the excellence of the universities involved in UNITECH combined with our commitment to innovation will lead to new levels of research and new forms of business models that will impact society.”

We welcome Karl and Nokia into the network.

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