UNITECH meets the Bühler Energy Challenge

10 Dec 2015 in Corporate Partners by

UNITECH meets the Bühler  Energy Challenge

Dear UNITECH Members,

The Bühler Energy Challenge this year was run with UNITECH as a major participant. The Challenge, which was focused on energy sources and savings, was initially circulated to all UNITECH Students and Alumni within the Network, and to selected non-UNITECH universities by Bühler.

There was a good response from within the UNITECH Network and many proposals were submitted. The selection by Bühler reduced the submissions to a set of 15 potentials, and from these the Final Five were chosen. In this final group were teams from EPL in Lausanne, St Gallen Business School and from ETH Zurich. The other two finalists were two UNITECH Teams. One formed of four current year students Alessandra Zampieri (Politecnico di Milano), Gustav Olsson (Chalmers), Antonin Fauret and Nicola Riabtchouk (both INSA Lyon) had developed an energy- saving office waste handling product, system and service - "Dynamo-Bin". The other UNITECH Team was formed of three 2014 Students from RWTH Aachen Anna Hundhausen, Ilya Schumelin and David Lüdecke plus an additional external member Anna Apeldorn who has a B.Sc. Psychology. Their proposal, "REthink REsource" focuses on an online brokerage for the disposal and reuse of waste materials.

The five finalist teams were invited by Bühler to their Innovation Centre in Uzwil for two days of intense development and coaching , which included their CEO Calvin Grieder and CTO Ian Roberts. The jury rated the proposals for energy saving potential, business case strength, team dynamics and overall impact.

All five presentations contained strong cases. The Bühler jury commended the Dynamo-Bin Team from UNITECH for their solid work and encouraged them to continue its development. The REthink Resource Team were judged to be joint winners of the Challenge, the jury being especially impressed by their agility in taking on a new, potentially more disruptive approach to their proposal shortly before the presentation, and then consolidating their business model during their presentation as they interacted with the jury.

A strong showing by UNITECH in this Corporate Partner initiative was seen by Bühler as a valuable indicator of what UNITECH offers, especially in its highly impressive engineering talent, able to compete and win in a commercial environment among experienced business school participants.

Thanks to Bühler for including UNITECH in this prestigious initiative, and also to all from the UNITECH Network who took part.

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