UAA Symposium 2016 in Lisbon; what a great success!

08 Nov 2016 in The Network, Alumni by Mireia Hernández Navarro

UAA Symposium 2016 in Lisbon; what a great success!

“It is the perfect time to stop and reflect on what one is currently doing and decide if it is time for a change or to stick with it as well as being in a fantastic location with like minded people.” - Tanya Richter, UNITECH Alumnus 2013.

The UAA Symposium was held this year in Lisbon (Portugal) during the weekend of April 9-10th 2016. A whole set of professionals travelled from all over Europe to participate in it. Meetings, workshops, presentations but above all, Networking.

Networking is a word we often hear in our daily professional settings. It’s all about networking, they say.

Networking is a powerful tool, but what is it really behind networking and most important of all, how can we network? Where do we network? Is network only about attending workshops, presentations or professional gatherings? Is it meant for people when they’ve reached a seniority status in their jobs? Is network available for all levels? What is it really behind networking?

There are many questions about network, and the UAA Symposium is the perfect time of the year to put it in practice. Networking at all stages, at all ages, at all nationalities. Despite our personal and professional inquiries, everyone can find similarities and share interests between each other.

A weekend in which, whether CP, AP, or an Alumni, everyone attending will start richer the following Monday. Richer in knowledge, richer in cultural awareness, richer in ideas, richer in understanding different perspectives, but above all, richer in network.

Network is about creating bonds and creating synergies. Keeping contacts with whom you’ve shared points of views, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, interests. You might never know when the world will challenge you, and when you’ll need a quick advice from “someone who had a similar situation and I met in Lisbon some years ago”.

The UNITECH network is much more than having been a participant of the programme. A UNITECHER is someone who’s keen in exploring, learning, travelling, progressing. Someone who will never stop wanting to meet new people, and who will always have in mind: “What’s next?”.

After the UAA Symposium, we asked participants for their feedback, and they were all highly satisfied by the content, the location, the social events, and the people they’d met along the weekend.

“The UAA symposium is a great food for thought, it makes you reflect on your own situation and career - parties are great too!” - Manon Pelletier: UNITECH Alumnus 2009.

Most of participants were Alumni from years 2008 (19%) and 2010 (19%) in front of 2009 (13%), 2011(13%), 2013(13%) and 2000, 2005, 2012, and 2014 (each 6%).

When we asked if it was the first time the attendees came to a UAA Symposium, 63% of the attendees said it was not the first time. This are great news for us since this only reinforces the fact that UNITECH Alumni do believe in the power of the Symposium, and they repeat the experience year over year. A 75% of the attendees said the content of the Symposium met their expectations.

The main reasons which dragged participants to join this year were: Networking and building relationships, the subject of the symposium, reunion with my UNITECH friends, and the location (Lisbon; Portugal).

The weekend included very interesting workshops, like:

  • A successful career, it all start with you - Dieter Sator, Hilti HR Manager
  • The 10 principles of success in your chosen career - Professor Robert Allison, Vice-Chancellor and President of Loughborough University
  • “Your career is what you get paid for, your calling is what you are made for” - Dan van de Kramp (Alumnus 2010) - Partner at Sunidee
  • “Use the digital revolution as a boost in your career” - Fabrice Bernhard (Alumnus 2005) - CTO and Co-Founder at Theodo
  • “Connecting the dots in hindsight” - Celeste Go (Alumnus 2006)- Project Manager & UX Designer at Nestlé

“Great networking event with smart very international engineers” - Fabrice Bernhard (Alumnus 2005).

“Excellent balance of speakers, who were encouraged to deliver some very personal insights.” - David Ward, UNITECH Secretary General.

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