UAA Barcelona meets former president of Catalonia

03 Jan 2020 in The Network, Alumni by Mireia Hernandez Navarro, LCC Barcelona

UAA Barcelona meets former president of Catalonia

On the 21st of October the UNITECH Alumni Chapter of Barcelona organized a private dinner event with the former president of Catalonia, MHP Artur Mas i Gavarró. MHP Artur Mas was president of Catalonia between the years 2010 and 2016 and he shaped Catalan and Spanish politics for that period. A very interesting dinner which enabled a comfortable atmosphere to share insights and opinions of the current situation between Spain and Catalonia. 

Our attendance beat any record! 23 Alumni from 11 different UNITECH years joined the dinner event.

The following Alumni attended:  

2000: Sergio Zaghen, Mayra Arnau, Achim Latz

2002: Marc Legido

2003: David Fàbregas, Montserrat Pla, Enric Vinyes

2004: Ignacio Oliveras

2005: Soledad Ortega

2006: Salvador Soler, Xavier Salazar, Claudio Consentino, Jaime Recio; Sergi Garcia

2008: Borja Baillés, Coia Pons

2009: Gerard Gomà, Álvaro Gibernau

2012: Marc Julià

2013: Mireia Hernández, Anna Canela

2014: Mariona Farell, Artur Munnè


Over dinner, we first introduced UNITECH, the program and the Alumni association. Artur found it really interesting and he was surprised we organized such events. We then went over ourselves, introduced our UNITECH history and our current professional status. He had several interesting connections with some employers, companies or business activities relating to our current jobs. We then went over an open question-answer type of format, in which we discussed several current political topics saffecting the situation between Spain & Catalonia. He went over several episodes in history which were crucial to understand where we stand today. He explained his opinion in how things could change, and the different measures both governments had to negotiate and come to future agreements. 

At the end of the event, we offered a very special gift to our guest: 2 bottles of wine from ILUSION+, a company created by UNITECHer Pau Torres (LINK)

The UAA will continue organizing high-level content events to fulfill our ambition to keep learning, exploring and networking.

Find pictures of the event in the photo gallery.

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