LUC UK: Assessment Center Social Event

12 Feb 2013 in Alumni by Roman Stiehl

LUC UK: Assessment Center Social Event

Dave Jenner organised the ACSE for the evening of Tuesday 12th February 2013 from beginning to end, with some ideas and input from myself. With our budget of 125 € (roughly £100), we had finger food to serve us all at Browns Lane Bar & Restaurant, based near the town centre of Loughborough. From what we had learnt throughout the UNITECH year, we made sure that we turned up before 19:00 to make sure everything ran smoothly.

It was great to have Abdi come down and join us, giving us a chance for a mini-reunion - UNITECH 2011/12 UK trio. We were joined by Gaia and Jessica, the 2nd semester incoming UNITECH students of 2012/13. So far, they had enjoyed their time at Loughborough and were getting involved with the Loughborough Student Experience. Shortly after our discussion, David Ward and 3 of the 4 assessors turned up and the evening then started.

We were served a selection of finger food which included a vegetarian option along with healthy salads. There was plenty of food for the nine of us, and we enjoyed a hearty discussion throughout the evening as though we had known each other for a long time. This evening provided a great networking opportunity for all of us and re-ignited the UNITECH spirit.

On the day of the assessment centre, we had 6 students who made it through to the final stage. It was a good feeling when Dave and I found out that all of them were successful for getting onto the UNITECH programme 2013/14. Slowly but surely, students are learning that there is one thing you should do whilst at Loughborough - apply for the UNITECH programme.

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