LUC Switzerland: Discovering the Swiss Far East by cheering pigs

28 Oct 2011 in Alumni by Gil Fischer

LUC Switzerland: Discovering the Swiss Far East by cheering pigs

October 15, 2011: St. Gallen, Switzerland

Early on Saturday morning, LUC Switzerland met at the Zurich main station. All equipped with a train ticket and warm clothes we were ready to leave for St. Gallen. The one-hour train trip suggested a good possibility to chat with coffee, orange juice and croissants – and so we did.

In St. Gallen, our group was enriched by even more members joining. At this stage we were complete and had all possible stakeholder of our network were present: new students, alumni members, the UTI office, our academic and one corporate partner. The day started promising.
The morning’s objective was to get to know St. Gallen. Therefore we made a city tour to understand the importance of the textile industry and its relation to the United States of America, to taste the OLMA sausage without mustard, to marvel at the UNESCO world heritage cathedral, to relate a pilgrim to a bear bringing wood for the fire, to discover Santiago Calatrava’s architectural playground, to sample some Swiss Eastern chocolate and last but not least to analyse St. Gallen’s famous bay windows.

Having arrived at the end of our tour, we felt ready to warm up by heading towards the second objective of the day: the OLMA fair! The OLMA is a traditional agricultural fair which offers to all, foreigners and Non-Eastern Swiss, an excellent platform for discovering Swiss Eastern traditions and customs. That’s why we ended up in the “Chässtobe”, tasting Fondue, Swiss cheese and a fitting Swiss white wine. After the long walk in the morning we were happy to nip an excellent wine and taste local food within a vibrant atmosphere of our group.

However our Swiss Eastern experience would not have been so valuable if we would not have got to know what was the pig about. In consequence we moved further to the arena where the show was about to start: the OLMA’s one and only piggy race! Among 8’000 others we cheered the pigs up to their best performance. It was impressive how the crowd can get excited because of a piggy race – us included. (see video)

All in all, we think that our group got to know what it means to get a Swiss Eastern cultural injection. For us as facilitator it was our greatest pleasure to see how numerous we were and how well our stakeholders have been present at the event! Besides the piggy race this was of course the biggest success and it really motivates us as Local Chapter Coordinators to organize more of these events. Thank you!

Silvan and Gil

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