Geberit Digitalisation Event, connecting the Corporate Partners to the UAA

27 Dec 2018 in The Network, Alumni by Silvia Gelonch on behalf of Jay O’Nien (LCC Switzerland)

Geberit Digitalisation Event, connecting the Corporate Partners to the UAA
The Geberit Digitalisation event was about connecting students & Graduates to Corporate Partners and using the UNITECH network to discuss an important topic that spans across all Corporate Partners: Digitalisation. Digitalisation is changing our product development processes, the way we innovate and creating new business models.
The day began with a tour of the Geberit facilities. With a high degree of automation, the facility is state of the art and was a very interesting tour. Then a diverse mix of UNITECH students, Alumni and Corporates sat together for 6 “TED Style” presentations on the topic of digitalisation. Here was the exciting line up:
Geberit, Hoan Luu: Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / 3D Badplaner
Metal Zug, Manuel Faeh: From Hardware to IoT – V-ZUG’s Transformation Journey
David Bach, Clockworks: Data must flow – Building a system that captures the ephemeral nature of information
Ginetta, Fiona Tinner (UX Writer) and Fabio Signer (Interaction Designer): The more of less
Buhler, Oudi Zhao: Digital Die Casting Production
Geberit, Spyridon Louziotis: BIM & Planner Data
What stood out immediately was the diversity of topics and people in the room. Hoan Luu started the talks discussing customer applications of digital technologies and how Geberit are using Augmented Reality to change their customer journey. This was very different to Manuel Faeh’s talk who discussed V-Zug’s transformation from hardware to IoT, as their products interact in the digital world, focusing on the innovation process and the cultural challenges of this change. Manuel is a UNITECH Alumni from the very beginning of the program and now sits on the Board of V-Zug.
From one Alumni to another, David Back is from the 2016/2017 UNITECH year. David is working with a start-up called Clockworks. He discussed a more technical level of detail, summarising how companies must structure their data to ensure it can be used to its full potential. Fiona Tinner and Fabio Signer were perhaps the most diverse speakers as they are from Ginetta, a User Experience Design Company. Their talk: The more of less, carried one simple message: Keep it simple. I speak from personal experience when I say this message cannot be communicated enough! It was great to have Ginetta at the UNITECH event and we hope to see more of them in the future.
Oudi Zhao from the Bühler Group outlined how Bühler’s die Casting Production are using industry 4.0 and digital twins for predictive maintenance in the Die Casting Business. An interesting discussion afterwards raised the common question: how do you get customers to give you their data? His answer was simple but effective: “you should never give data away for free”. Data is like any business transaction: risk and reward. It’s up to us as designers, engineers and sales to demonstrate the reward available to our customers in return for their data.
The last talk was from Spyridon Louziotis who discussed Building Information Modelling. It’s clear from his talk how digital modelling means the footprint of B2B businesses is growing as digital models of our products are used in the design, construction and maintenance phases of building life cycles. The evening was conclude with a Networking Apero.
The UAA would like to thank the speakers who brought forward a variety of topics, key learnings and lessons. Having several Corporate Partners and Organisations in the room together was extremely valuable and interesting. We’d also like to thank Geberit for hosting the event and the students, graduates and Alumni that attended. There were 30 attendees in total ranging from Apprentices and students through to top management.
We look forward to seeing you again at future events to use the UNITECH Network to collaborate and share knowledge.

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