Evonik Sustainability Business Forum 2012

13 Nov 2012 in Alumni by Roman Stiehl

Evonik Sustainability Business Forum 2012

November 8th-9th, 2012: Marl, Germany

Germany Over the past years, sustainability has become an increasingly important yet difficult topic. In order to collect varies input to the discussion Evonik initiated the “Evonik Sustainability business forum”, a stakeholder dialogue with people from inside the company, customers, researchers and NGOs. Representing the “younger generation of engineers”, the UAA was also invited to the event as an NGO.

Discussions were triggered by experts talking about the changes in the materials sector, how efficiency could bring competitive advantage, but also questioning the common understanding of sustainability and showing through the example of an individual person what a sustainable lifestyle could be like. In smaller groups, the participants developed their ideas of the future challenges and how these could be met. The topics here showed the entire range of the discussion, from education and communication, to bio-fuels and recycling.

The event was a great opportunity to meet interesting people and work on the visibility of UNITECH as a brand. I would like to thank Evonik and especially Thomas Engenhorst for the invitation and possibility to attend. Below you can find some images of the event (courtesy of Evonik Industries).

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