Council Meeting January 2012, Stuttgart

23 Jan 2012 in Alumni by Roman Stiehl

Council Meeting January 2012, Stuttgart

January 21-22, 2012: Stuttgart, Germany

At the end of January, the council met again for a weekend to discuss strategic topics as well as operational aspects of our work. These meetings are very important for us, as it is the only time we have to sit and work together. In between meetings we have to rely on virtual collaboration, which we will try to improve by implementing a project management tool in the next months.

A major part on the agenda was the overall UAA strategy and vision. In our first call with the Advisory Board, we were asked for this information and we realized that we do not have it yet. The outcome of the Strategy Task Force is a very good mission statement and based and these results we have worked out a strategy, but we did not write it down in detail. Within the council we will do so in the next months and we hope this will help us further to align our actions to your needs.

We also evaluated the past months and talked about our plans for the near future. In general we were very satisfied with the results. The Local Chapters have been more active than ever before, thanks to a very motivated team of LCCs. The digest has been perceived very well and is read thoroughly, which encourages us to keep on putting a lot of energy into it. Also, a lot fewer members left the Association last year then predicted, which we also see as an acknowledgement of our work and which gives us some financial margin.

Concluding, we distributed the last tasks for the Symposium in Vienna and started to plan the next Summer Session which will take place in Mallorca. We will send out the invitations just after Easer. Then, later in the summer the Annual Reunion in Aachen will take place from August 23 to 25 in Aachen. Kristina and Florian have already started with the plans for the UAA party and the social programme. You can expect to receive the invitation to this in the beginning of May.

If you are interested in more details, you can find the minutes of the meeting here.

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