Forming the student group for 2012

01 Nov 2011 in Academic Partners by

Forming the student group for 2012

Our Academic Partners are beginning the process of bringing the next group of high potential engineering students onto the UNITECH Programme.

This year the universities are working with a revised process and newly designed materials at each stage. Beginning with Marketing, there are new posters, flyers and a brochure designed and produced by the UNITECH International Office for universities to use in broadcasting the programme to appropriate students. Emma Zeisberger has worked with the ETH Graphics Department to improve the ease of use and the overall look of all the materials bringing them into an aligned consistent UNITECH style. The Application process has a new, user-friendly format designed to be more inviting and encouraging to applicants.

The Assessment Centres will run with new cases to challenge the candidates, with a central theme set entirely in an engineering company environment. In the Selection process there will be an additional aspect of the evaluation of candidates to measure their aptitude for development to gauge their potential to benefit from the programme. Across the whole MAAS (Marketing, Application, Assessment, Selection) process the preferences of the Corporate Partners regarding the engineering faculties they tend to draw talent from will be considered. This year should see an increased level of alignment and accuracy in how we bring students into UNITECH.

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