The UNITECH Alumni Association nowadays handles an Alumni body of approximately 800 professionals who live, work or even study all over the world. These Alumni have successfully completed the UNITECH Programme, becoming fellow members of its Society.

In order to reach them on a local level, the UAA has established an organized network structure consisting of 8 Local UNITECH Chapters (LUC’s) which are lead by one or a team of up to three LUC Coordinators (LCC’s) and 5 Regional Groups (RG’s) lead by one or a team of RG Coordinators (RGC’s). The concept of RG would be similar to what is known as Local Chapter but with no influence of University (Academic Partner), thus involving more Senior Alumni and more professional-driven events. A RG is a spontaneous group of Alumni so there can be as many RG's as Alumni need. The number is not fixed by the UAA, and the types of events coordinated are free of choice.

Both LUC’s and RG’s organize a variety of events such as company visits, discussions, sports activities, social dinners and all sorts of content-driven events. International events (such as the annual Symposium) and a variety of services, such as a by-monthly newsletter and a career platform, are organized and coordinated by the UAA Council.

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